Business Advocacy Committee

The Chamber’s Business Advocacy Program brings together all sectors of the business community to create a united and powerful voice for business. We deal with issues facing business so that our membership is recognized and has a collective voice in government. We are effective in our advocacy because we have strong membership support and great relationships with elected officials. This provides us with the clout needed to represent the business community.

The Chamber’s Business Advocacy Committee has also reviewed and updated our Public Policy Platform. This document provides direction to the Chamber in the development of positions on legislation, ballot measures, and other public policy issues, and helps us act on those positions. It is our guide to advocate for our members and the business community to make sure that government provides us with pro-business legislation. It is our mission to provide a comprehensive, non-partisan federal, state, county and local political program that contributes to a favorable business climate in Camarillo and the Ventura County region.

If you are interested in joining the Chamber’s Business Advocacy Committee or would like more information, please call the office at (805) 484-4383.
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