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Latinos in Business Camarillo Chamber of Commerce

Broaden your business network by participating in the Camarillo Chamber’s Latinos In Business programs and events. The Latinos In Business is open to all members of the Camarillo Chamber of Commerce. Their mission is to provide education, mentorship, and networking in order to create a bridge amongst our Camarillo Chamber members and our Latino Market.

According to the 2013 estimates by U.S. Census Bureau, about 42% of Ventura County and about 22% of the 66,000 population of Camarillo are Latinos.

To learn more about the Camarillo Chamber’s Latinos In Business, please attend one of our meetings held at 9am the first Wednesday of every month at the Camarillo Chamber office, or contact the Camarillo Chamber at (805) 484-4383.

Committee Chair: Marilyn Peake from Ventura County Credit Union.